Braces for Kids: What you Need to Know

Braces for Kids: What you Need to Know

You would be surprised how many parents believe kids with baby teeth don’t need braces. However, that is a misconception. Medical professionals state that children should have their first dental visit early on, for the younger they are, the quicker the actions can be taken to ensure their oral well-being.



Sometimes serious issues can be caught early on, so preventive and proactive measures can enable a child’s teeth to avoid significant problems.

Braces are not limited to adult teeth, and if you are curious about a child’s braces for a straighter smile, you will find all answers here to help make a decision.


How Do Braces Work?


The braces are a magnificent creation to straighten teeth. They put constant and steady pressure on the teeth and set them in place for a while. These braces can come in multiple forms, like wires, lingual, or ceramic ones.

Generally, kids only need traditional metal braces with rubber bands to do the basics and straighten their teeth. The wires on these braces move the teeth while the bands aid in fixing the alignment.



Once the braces come off after the time set by the orthodontist, the kids have to wear retainers, so all the hard work of wearing braces does not go to waste. Retainers are custom-made to mould the teeth and hold the tooth position, so there’s no wandering back to the original state


Why Braces For Kids are Important


When parents make critical decisions for their children at a young age, it keeps them away from facing bigger complications as they grow old and dental problems are a great example of that.

Around 17% of kids between ages 5-9 live with untreated dental issues, including getting braces and avoiding seeing a dental expert. These numbers concern children as untreated dental matters lead to different mouth diseases.



Hence you must get your kid the orthodontic care they need at the appropriate age.

But what is the right age for kids to get braces? We’ve got you covered; keep reading to find all the answers.


What Age Should Kids Get Braces


Let’s discuss the best age you should be thinking about for your child to wear braces.

Professionals believe that between the ages of 9-13 is the best age to consider braces for children because, at this point, the permanent teeth emerge and start to take root fully.

Nonetheless, 7-12 is the most appropriate time for your child’s first dental visit to determine if their oral health is well or needs some intervention.


First Orthodontist Visit


What can you expect on your kid’s first dental appointment? We’ll tell you all.

When your child goes to their first appointment, the orthodontist checks for multiple things like jaw misalignment, tooth decay, and overcrowded or crooked teeth. These issues can be sorted with metal braces or quick tooth removal to accommodate the wire better.



An orthodontist can inquire about things like your child being a thumb sucker or mouth breather, for these answers help them create the perfect plan for your little one. Furthermore, they can take x-rays and see how the kid’s permanent will take root and if braces are necessary after the baby teeth are gone.

Timely intervention means fewer complications and even quicker treatment time, but if there is a delay, the problems can get bigger and require a costly fix.


How To Know If Your Kid Needs Braces


Now we come to another critical question: determining if your child needs braces. As a parent, there are things you can look for to decipher if your child has underbite or overbite and if a dentist appointment is critical.

You can further tell if they have misaligned teeth and require braces to improve that precious smile.




The need for your child to wear braces depends on factors such as having trouble chewing, feeling speech problems or experiencing any pain when they bite down the food.

Such warning signs offer some idea about your child’s oral needs, which is why dentist visits are essential.


What Happens If Kids Do Not Get Braces?


As we discuss the importance of dental visits to see if your child requires braces, let’s discuss what happens if your kiddo doesn’t get them when needed.

Some consequences entail persistent teeth and jaw pain upon chewing until adulthood. Such situations could even mean surgery because the issue has been ignored, allowing it to fester and worsen.



Avoiding braces for children could lead to wide gaps in the teeth, which can be rather unsightly, making the child feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. It could impact their self-esteem while birthing other dental problems too.

Moreover, this neglect could cause permanent shifting of teeth that need fixing or removal. This shift may imply upper or lower jaw protrusion, ergo pain.


How Much Do Braces Cost for Kids?


The main question on your mind must be the cost. Unfortunately, there are no dead-set answers because the price depends on factors like your child’s needs and how long the treatment could take.

Moreover, it also depends on what type you choose: traditional, lingual braces, ceramic braces or clear aligners, ceramic or invisible. Furthermore, the longer the mounts stay on your kid, the higher the cost.

However, the average amount can range from $4,500-$7,000. These figures can reflect the labour, materials, time and expertise needed for necessary treatment and could be subject to increase based on the above-mentioned factors.


Does My Insurance Cover Braces?


Folks often wonder if insurance can cover the braces expenses after all the bills can pile up scarily. Yes, your child’s orthodontic treatments can be covered with dental insurance plans.

Moreover, if you cannot afford braces, then check if your offspring can meet the criteria for the Children’s Health Insurance Program; their entire oral treatment can be free.




Orthodontist visits are essential for your kids, especially if you think they need braces as their permanent teeth are set in. It is better to take quick action for your kids’ health rather than be neglectful.



We hope you learn everything about braces for kids in these articles and make quick decisions.

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