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Orthodontic care consultations are complimentary at Glow because you and your family need to know when and what orthodontic treatments are recommended first. Feel free to give us a call at (778) 308-1308 or send us a message to book your first consultation appointment.

We see patients of all ages. There is no age limit for beautiful smiles!

Cost of Orthodontic Treatment

We believe that financials should not be a limiting factor in accessing orthodontic care for families. That’s why we offer a very flexible financing option, with no financing cost.

During your orthodontic consultation, we will go through financing options that best suit your family. Many families find it convenient to an initial deposit, followed by monthly payments spread over the duration of the treatment.

The fee schedule varies depending on the need of the patient and the complexity of treatment options. Here is a brief breakdown of our fees. Once we determine what types of treatments are recommended during your consultation, we’ll provide you with the exact cost of treatment.

We are one of the most affordable orthodontic center there is.

  • The cost of an early orthodontic appointment (phase I) ranges from approximately $500-4500 with the median fee ranging from approximately $3000-3500. 

  • The cost of full, comprehensive orthodontic treatment ranges from approximately $6000-7500 with the median fee ranging from approximately $6500-6800. 

  • The cost of limited orthodontic treatment ranges from approximately $3000-5500. 

  • There are courtesy discounts for multiple family members.

  • We do not charge differences between types of braces and Invisalign. 

Meet our Richmond Orthodontist's at Glow Orthodontics

Dr. Irene Hyunsoo Cho is a Certified Orthodontist in Richmond, BC. Dr. Cho is the founder and head orthodontist of Glow Orthodontics. She provides Orthodontic Mentorship to general dentist colleagues interested in learning orthodontics.

Our patients from Richmond, Burnaby, and Vancouver come to Glow Orthodontics Richmond location to achieve beautiful smiles.

Making Glowing, Beautiful Smiles for the Whole Family

We have carefully selected and crafted every element of our office for your best orthodontics experience in Richmond. Our practice utilizes the latest X-ray technology and iTero 3-dimensional intraoral scanners.

We have designed our warm and comforting space so that when you and your family walk in, you will feel at ease. At Glow, we are a family of professionals, who are specialized in giving expert smile care for crooked teeth and cultivating positive, in a comfortable environment. Our knowledgeable team is all certified specialists who have been creating beautiful smiles for many years.

We offer unique, personalized treatment options for the best result - including Invisalign kids, Teens, and adults, and all types of braces, metal, gold, and white ceramic. Most importantly, our goal at Glow Orthodontics Richmond is to provide the best customer service, flexible financing options, and simply the best orthodontic results.

Our Orthodontists want you to leave our Richmond Office with the best care and the brightest smile.

Orthodontic Treatment Options


Braces treatments involve brackets that are fixed or glued onto the surfaces of the teeth, and wires that sit on brackets, allowing for tooth movements. Elastics surround each bracket holding the wire in place. You could choose between colored or no-colored elastics. Due to our latest technologies, our clinic has the best services in the lower mainland.

There is a full range of color or material options for braces. We are proud to offer all types of braces at no difference in cost. Metal braces come in silver color and gold champagne color. You could decide based on how you find silver or gold jewelry that matches your skin tone. White braces are made of clear ceramic making them invisible.

You could mix and match different types if you want- for example, clear upper and metal lower braces. Even with braces, your smile will never be brighter.

Families often ask whether it hurts to get braces on. Getting braces on does not involve any needles or pain. You can think of doing arts and crafts on the teeth with glue! We do have to keep your mouth dry for the glue to work.

Once tooth movements start to happen in the next few days after getting braces on, you may experience soreness. With one of the best doctors in the lower mainland, you are definitely in the best hands when it comes to orthodontics. Walking out of an orthodontics office never felt so good.

Typically, we see brace patients once every 6-8 weeks.


Invisalign can be an option for people of all ages. They come in Invisalign first for preteen kids, Invisalign teens, and Adults. Invisalign treatment involves clear plastic trays that are worn during the day and night time, except when you’re brushing/flossing, and drinking/eating.

Some of your teeth will have white-colored attachments, that come in different shapes and sizes, to allow for tooth movements. They are white in color, which makes the treatment still invisible.

When you start your Invisalign journey, Dr. Cho will give you a certain number of clear aligners, asking you to wear each tray for 7-10 days depending on the case. The success of Invisalign treatment requires patients to wear the Invisalign trays for more than 20 hours a day.

Typically, we see Invisalign patients once every 3-4 months. We have the one of the best removable appliances and our certified specialists make Invisalign look easy.

Early Treatments for Kids

If it’s for your child/children, you’ll find that sometimes Dr. Cho will recommend waiting a few months or years before starting treatment. She will explain what to expect in terms of orthodontic treatment in the future. You need to way for the child's teeth to be fully developed before implementing Invisalign in any office.

If early treatments are indicated, Dr. Cho may recommend orthopedic appliances, such as Palatal Expanders, and preventive dental appliances such as Space maintainers. If your child’s upper jaw (maxilla) is narrow, expanders can be used to widen the width of maxilla improving occlusion with the lower jaw. It also has many other benefits, including creating more dental spaces and increasing airway volume.

We are highly experienced with working with kids who have anxiety towards dental practices. We collaborate with your general dentists and pediatric dentists in coming up with the best early orthodontic treatment plans and making it as easy as possible. We employ the Tell-Show-Do technique and ensure we provide positive experience for you and your children.

Early treatments may be a combination of orthopedic appliances and partial braces and/or aligners as needed. Sometimes adding a few braces on the front teeth to align teeth or close spaces can make a big impact on improving kids’ self-esteem. We hope to set your child up for the best future by giving the best smile and positive experience at a younger age.

Surgical Orthodontic Treatments

In adults whose jaw growths have stopped, there are limitations as to how much we can improve dental occlusion with the existing jaw relationships. For ideal orthodontic results, Dr. Cho may discuss combining jaw surgery with orthodontic treatment as an option.

Surgical orthodontic treatment may involve upper jaw surgery only, lower jaw surgery only, or double (both) jaw surgery. Since understanding the risks and benefits of jaw surgery are important, Dr. Cho will refer you to an oral surgeon for a consultation before proceeding with orthodontic treatment.

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Glow Orthodontics Richmond is in the center of Richmond, conveniently located at Blundell Road and No 2 Road. We are on the first floor of Richmond Medical and Dental Center, next to the Blundell Shopping Centre where Fresh Co and Starbucks are located. Many families from South Vancouver also visit us taking No 2 Road.

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