Helping your Family Glow - with Braces and Invisalign

Start your family’s journey to glowing smiles with a complimentary consultation from our orthodontic specialist, Dr. Cho, your Langley orthodontist.

What People are Saying About Us!

"Everyone at Glow was super friendly and so great with my son. They discussed a couple of options for treatment without feeling pressured. They are very accommodating and helpful if you ever have any concerns about aftercare. Dr.Cho is wonderful, and her assistants are so great at helping kids feel comfortable. The clinic is so clean and chic. It has been a very pleasant experience so far!"

— Sayaka H

"The clinic and the staff are warm and welcoming. I loved the mini tour we were given during our first visit. Dr. Cho is very approachable and thorough and presents all possible options. They are upfront about costs and they have put a lot of thought into taking some of the financial burdens off of families. I am happy to bring all of my children to Glow for our orthodontic needs."

— Jenna K

"Very accommodating and amicable staff with a great atmosphere. I received a great consultation for my daughter's orthodontics treatment from Dr. Cho. They carefully listened to my concerns and provided me with some great advice. They clearly discuss various treatment and payment plans and maintain complete transparency throughout the process."

— Deepti S

"My son has had partial orthodontic treatment here and has been undergoing care for years. Doctor and staffs are always very kind and professional. The facilities are clean and the equipment is state-of-the-art. I strongly recommend this place."

— Yj

"Dr. Cho and Dr Rhee are fantastic they are so kind and patient with our kids and have always answered any questions my kids may have. My oldest gets nervous at the dentist but since meeting Dr Rhee and Dr Cho and all the staff at Glow she is so comfortable and confident in going by herself and telling them what she wants. Even the receptionists are amazing to deal with and so nice."

— Joebe Y

"Anne, Dr. Cho and all the ladies at Glow Orthodontics are so kind and great at putting my son at ease. My son always looks forward to his adjustment appointments. We are very happy with the level of service and we highly recommend!"

— Rahima R

Why Choose Glow Orthodontics?

Personal Approach to Orthodontic Care

We take a human approach to orthodontist treatments and to your visits. We’re focused on building a positive orthodontist experience for a glowing smile that is both beautiful and healthy long term.
We offer comprehensive orthodontic services that will leave you smile glowing.

Friendly Team Specializing in Orthodontics

Each member of our team is carefully selected and trained to deliver top-quality orthodontist treatment for your family. Orthodontics is all we do, every day, all day.

Office Space Designed to Make you Feel Calm and Relaxed

We have carefully crafted our orthodontic dental office space to amplify our positive and calming energy for your visits. During your complimentary consultation visit, we will take you on a tour

Unique and Personalized Treatment Options

Your orthodontics treatment, whether it is with braces or Invisalign should be as unique as your smile. We will discuss different treatment options and recommendations for you and your smile only.

Flexible financing and Transparent cost

We want you to achieve the smile you always dreamt of with our affordable and transparent cost. We can help set up no-interest financing based on your family’s needs.

Treatment Cost at Glow

Our fees include everything you need from the start to finish - no hidden or additional fees


$500 - 4500

Teens & Adults

Partial treatment: $3000 - 5000

Full treatment: $6000 - 7500

It all starts with your complimentary consultation, including X-rays.

What’s Included in the Orthodontist Treatment Cost:

  1. X-rays - panoramic and cephalometric

  2. 3-D imaging with iTero Scanner

  3. Diagnostic examination and orthodontic photos

  4. Full treatment by our orthodontic specialist Dr. Cho.

  5. At Glow, we do not charge differently whether you need braces or Invisalign, or even both!

  6. Electric toothbrush

  7. Retainers

  8. Full-year of retainer check and adjustment following the completion of your treatment

  9. Our smile and positive energy with all your visits!

Meet Our Orthodontist - Dr. Irene Cho DMD FRCD(C)

Dr. Cho grew up in Vancouver and started her journey into dentistry at the University of British Columbia. During her dental school years, she discovered her enthusiasm for making people smile confidently through orthodontics treatment.

Dr. Cho continued her orthodontic passion with the prestigious orthodontic residency program at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

During her orthodontic specialty training, she further expanded her expertise by achieving a Master’s degree in accurate diagnostic techniques for orthodontics patients.

Dr. Cho always wanted to start her own orthodontic dental office to be able to tailor every detail of a patient’s orthodontic dental care. She founded Glow Orthodontics, alongside her dental school sweetheart husband, Dr. Fran, who is a pediatric dentist and a founder of Glow Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Cho believes in lifelong learning to offer the best treatment for her patients through continuing education courses.

During her spare time, Dr. Cho enjoys experimenting with new baking recipes and exploring the beautiful province of British Columbia with her family.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

At Glow, we pride ourselves on providing positive, efficient, and personalized orthodontic experiences to our patients of all ages. We offer braces and Invisalign to the beautiful community of Langley and the surrounding communities

Early Intervention for Children

Canadian and American Association of Orthodontics recommends the first orthodontic check-up for children by age of 7.

Most children will not require orthodontic treatment until they lose all their primary (baby) teeth. At Glow, if your child does not require braces or Invisalign - we will tell you exactly that! They will be put on our complimentary annual orthodontic follow-up until they’re ready for their orthodontic treatment.

Some children require early orthodontic intervention - before they lose all their baby teeth.

Indications for interceptive orthodontic treatments are severe dental crowding, crossbite, thumb-sucking habit, and protrusive lower jaw.

Traditional Braces

Truly tried and tested, orthodontic metal braces have come a long way. Modern orthodontic braces are comfortable, aesthetic, and efficient ways to achieve beautiful smiles. Our traditional metal braces allow one of the best treatment process when it comes to crooked teeth. Our certified specialist will provide clear braces for our Langley patients.

Braces are a great option for people of all ages. They will move your teeth continuously and effectively without you worrying about them.

At Glow, we often notice families choosing the classic orthodontic braces route when their children or teenagers may not be ready to take care of Invisalign trays.

They come in a variety of colors and shapes: metal braces, ceramic braces, and white gold braces to name a few. You can also get clear braces if you don't want them to be extremely noticeable.


For those wishing to get orthodontic treatment but just can’t imagine themselves with traditional braces, Invisalign is your solution!

We will give you a set of invisalign clear aligners that will move your teeth without anyone noticing. Every 7-10 days, you will wear a new aligner and advance through your orthodontic treatment.

From children to teens to adults, Invisalign can be an amazing way to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

For the best outcome, you will need to wear the clear aligners 20-22 hours per day throughout your treatment.

Invisalign is also great for oral hygiene, as it can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.

We offer invisalign clear aligners to all of our patients as we know how important it is they are completely invisible.

Glow Orthodontics: You're Langley Orthodontist Clinic

We are located in the bustling Willoughby area of Langley, Glow Orthodontics is conveniently accessible from both 208 Street and 72 Ave, offering ample parking options for our clients.

Our clinic stands as a beacon of top-notch orthodontic care, proudly serving not only the local community but also our neighbors from Walnut Grove, Fort Langley, and Brookswood.

Our Orthodontics Clinic in Langley is committed to providing the best orthodontic services & treatments in the region. Your trust in us is deeply valued, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every visit leaves you with a bright, confident smile.

Whether you're visiting us from the quaint streets of Fort Langley, the serene environs of Brookswood, or the lively community of Walnut Grove, we strive to make your experience as calm and stress-free as possible.

Join us at Glow Orthodontics Langley, where smiles are brightened and patient comfort is paramount.

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