Gold Braces: The Ultimate Guide to what you need to know

Gold Braces: The Ultimate Guide to what you need to know

Sometimes people need professional assistance to get the perfect smile, so thats when treatments like braces come to the rescue. However, one usually pictures braces as more clunky, metallic traditional braces. When one thinks about getting braces; style or aesthetic is farther from one’s mind.

But what would you say to gold braces? Yep, you read that right!

gold braces

A lot of people opt for stainless steel gold brackets, which sound exactly what they sound like; gold-plated braces.

So if you are intrigued by wearing gold braces and want to know more, you are in the right place, for we will lay it all out today. After this article, you can ascertain if gold dental braces are the way to go for you.

What are Gold Braces?

The gold wires have become all the rage due to their unique and exciting look. These are just like traditional braces that work with wires but are made of gold-coated stainless steel. The gold braces are made for effective tooth alignment or if you wish to treat other orthodontic issues but don’t want the standard silver braces to look.

gold braces, align teeth

The material and technology utilized in braces keep progressing to render them lightweight and more effective. Nonetheless, gold braces come to the scene, allowing people to wear braces as a fashion statement rather than something they may feel self conscious with.

Just because you wish to treat your teeth professionally doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous while wearing braces.

Gold Braces vs Traditional Braces

When people hear about gold braces, they automatically assume it is some magical creation; hence, it should work differently than traditional metal braces.

stainless steel brackets, silver brackets

Sorry to burst that bubble, but gold and traditional metal braces do not distinguish how they work. The only real difference is the appearance.

Gold braces stand out from your typical metal braces mainly because the former’s stainless steel elements come in gold colour.

Therefore if you want your braces to seem unique and aesthetically pleasing, then gold braces can do that for you while fixing that smile. Gold braces highlight your wires and add to that dazzling look.

Why People Opt for Gold Braces

Do gold braces bring a specific pop to your look? Absolutely. However, there is another reason for patients opting for gold braces orthodontic treatment. People with nickel allergy may not find the traditional stainless steel braces the best option.

The gold coating has allowed many folks to get their teeth treated without worrying about allergic reactions to their regular braces.

This allergy can be rather daunting, for it can bring out oral issues like hypersensitivity, gingival hyperplasia, gingivitis, multiform erythema, lip desquamation, or even a burning feeling in your mouth.

Gold Braces Treatment Time

We understand how the gold prospect can make it feel like these dental accessories are some miracle worker, but that’s not the reality. Gold braces have the same treatment time as any other traditional braces like lingual braces, tooth-colored braces, and classic braces; however, it mainly depends on an individual’s needs.

traditional braces, wires, clear aligners

You could see results in six months if your teeth need minor work. But if your teeth need extra attention, it can go on much longer.

The point is that the treatment time will depend on your needs, and fixing teeth can be a slow and rather painful process. The goal is to move the teeth around until they reach the desired position, so you can’t expect something like this to bring overnight or quick results.

Gold Braces Cost

Let’s discuss the cost because you are looking for answers. Gold braces can range between $5,000 and 8,000. But this is just a tentative range; other factors include your needs, treatment time, and orthodontist.

gold braces

The cost will increase further for folks needing more time with their gold braces.

How to Care for Your Gold Braces

Your braces require maintenance and a proper oral care routine, which mandates dedication. After all, you don’t want to damage those braces, affect any of the orthodontist’s hard work, and have all that discomfort in vain.

Therefore, if you want to ensure a smooth time and wear braces without issues, below are some tips to help you care for them.

Gentle Brushing

Never brush your teeth aggressively. You must be very gentle while brushing those teeth after every meal, especially with braces, because you don’t want to mess with the wires. It can be relatively easy to cause gold braces damage because the plating can chip off from harsh brushing.

teeth, brushing teeth, dentist

Getting food stuck in those teeth is the surest way to ruin the purpose of braces. If you neglect your hygiene, then it can make things go south quickly.

Choose the Right Toothbrush

Another big mistake is choosing the wrong toothbrush; this can damage your teeth, especially with braces.

Get a soft bristle toothbrush with standard toothpaste. We are discussing no harsh ingredients; otherwise, you could risk damaging those braces.


Dentists stress hard the importance of flossing after meals. If that seems too much work, then at least floss once daily. Opt for floss fitting nicely between the wires and teeth to get everything out.

Flossing proffers better cleaning than toothbrushes, for it reaches the nooks and crannies that brushes cannot.

Be Mindful of Your Diet

Braces mean many things are forbidden now, and the gold plating aspect offers no extra favours. You must avoid certain items like candies, beverages, nuts, corn chips, fibrous vegetables, peanut butter and meat.

candy, sweets

Never chew hard food that could damage the braces, like nails, pens or pencils.


Gold braces sound luxurious; truthfully, they are not too far off. While these dental accessories are here to set your teeth straight and look fashionable, they also serve practical purposes and help you avoid allergic reactions.

Therefore, be careful with their care and ensure you seek out the dental professional regularly for a smooth experience.

We hope this article gave you a good look into the world of stainless steel gold braces and what they offer.

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