How much do Invisalign or Braces cost?

How much do Invisalign or Braces cost?

If you are interested in orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, you probably wonder how much it will cost to be prepared. Often, your orthodontist or general dentist may not be able to give you an answer to cost-related questions over the phone. The reason for that is it depends on many individual factors explained below and the office may not have wanted to give you a wrong expectation.



One of the misconceptions people have is that the cost of orthodontic treatment involving braces or Invisalign will be higher at an orthodontic specialist’s office than a general dentist’s office. There is no general rule in orthodontics as to which type of office fees are higher, but the cost may be higher in some general dental offices if they are seeing a low volume of orthodontic patients.



At Glow, your first consultation is free which also includes taking xrays. If you or your child are not ready for treatments, follow up visits are also complementary. When an active treatment fee is given, it is a comprehensive fee that that covers everything for 2-3 years for your convenience; these include diagnostics, records (xrays, iTero scan, examination, and orthodontic photos), actual orthodontic treatments (braces, Invisalign, or other appliances), your toothbrush set, retainers, and a period of supervision for retainers.

However, you may be responsible for fees for each item in other offices. For example, you may need to pay for the initial examination, diagnostics/records appointment, and the cost for retainers separately in addition to the actual cost of treatment.



The type of orthodontic treatment is the biggest factor determining the range of treatment cost.

If the treatment involves a simple appliance or intervention until you or your child is ready for full orthodontic treatment, its range may be in hundreds (typically $0-1000).

For younger children, the active treatment involving braces or aligners (such as Invisalign) can be done as an early treatment (Phase I), with an understanding that the second round of treatment (Phase II) will be needed in teenage years. Phase I may range between $500-4500 and Phase II may range between $4000-8000. At Glow, we give a credit towards your child’s phase II treatment if your child has had phase I orthodontic treatment at our office.

If we recommend waiting until teenage years and treat your child as all-in-one phase (Comprehensive), the cost ranges between $4500-8000.

For adults, if the goals of treatment may determine the cost of treatment. For example, if you are looking for a Limited Treatment to improve the alignment of the teeth only while maintaining certain compromises in your bite, treatment can range between $1500-5000.

If you are considering an ideal treatment result from orthodontic treatment (braces or Invisalign) in combination with orthognathic jaw surgery, your cost of orthodontic treatment alone may range between $6000-9000.



The other reasons for the wide range of treatment cost include the duration of estimated treatment time, the complexity of treatment, and the type of appliances needed.

For the actual estimate of your or your child’s orthodontic treatment (braces or Invisalign as examples), please contact our office at 778. 278. 1010. We provide free initial consultation to provide everything you need to know before starting treatment.



To help save the cost of full braces or aligners (Invisalign), take advantage of our complimentary consultation early on. Often, a few simple interventions before your child is ready for active treatment can help eliminate the need for complex treatments in the future. For example, Dr. Irene may prescribe guided tooth eruption where a primary tooth is pulled out at the right timing to help facilitate the growth of a permanent tooth, hopefully avoiding the risk of a permanent tooth being ‘stuck’ or impacted. An expander treatment can be done while the child is growing to expand the width of the upper jaw, the maxilla. If the maxillary expansion is required in an adult, a jaw surgery may be an option. Space maintainers are placed to maintain extra spaces in the upper and lower arches that have primary teeth and may help in avoiding permanent teeth extractions in the future.

Glow is pleased to offer significant savings for family members going through orthodontic treatment. We also offer flexible financing options with 0% interest and savings for payments made in full at the start of treatment. There are ongoing contests and prizes for referring your friends to our office.