The Power of Invisalign in 2023

The Power of Invisalign in 2023

Everybody wants to have that perfect smile that can light up a room; however, sometimes, it can require professional help. You want to get your teeth straightened, but the thought of braces can be daunting.

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You don’t want all the oral probing and prodding while staring at the dentist’s white ceiling. However, the Invisalign treatment has brought a new way of straightening teeth which is less invasive than traditional braces.

Thanks to dental Invisalign treatment, you can wear the aligners, which slowly but surely work their magic.

Read on as we discuss Invisalign and how it has made a straighter smile possible without the pain or irritation associated with traditional metal braces.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a transparent aligner orthodontic treatment system that straightens teeth without metal wires or brackets.

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The Invisalign aligners are created from BPA-free, comfortable and smooth plastic which will not irritate or hurt your gums like the traditional braces.

Invisalign clear aligners can be a great choice for folks with crooked or crowded teeth while avoiding the discomfort and pain of conventional fixed appliances like wires.

Since Invisalign is removable, you can go about your daily hygiene activities easily.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign works on a simple system: it deals with a series of transparent and customized aligners which slowly shift the teeth with align technology. The Invisalign technicians take an image of your teeth after a quick smile assessment for manufacturing aligners customized for you.


Hence, as you keep replacing every aligner with the next in its series, the teeth move slowly, week after week, till they reach their desired position as the clear aligners fit.

Nonetheless, Invisalign might not be the most suitable option for people with fragile teeth and dental issues.

However, regarding these aspects, your orthodontist can guide you better.

Invisalign Power Ridges

Another main component of Invisalign treatment is the power ridges. These little plastic bumps aid the aligner in strongly gripping your teeth and moving them into the appropriate place.

But these ridges are only brought into the mix if your Invisalign doctor deems them necessary.

These power ridges are available in two shapes: rectangular and crescent. The former ridges work to move every tooth from the side while the latter move your crown upward or downward.

Invisalign Benefits

Let’s shed some light on the benefits dental Invisalign’s advanced clear aligner system can offer, and you will know why so many people opt for these transparent braces.

Eat Whatever You Like

Most people worry their freedom to eat will be curtailed after braces, but these clear aligners are removable so that you can eat and drink easily.

Just be attentive, rinse your aligners and mouth, and then put them back on.


A big reservation people have about braces is that they are too clunky, making people highly self-conscious.

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These transparent aligners come custom-fitted for your unique bite, so they camouflage into the teeth. People love Invisalign because it is virtually invisible and very subtle.

Easy Cleaning

Another joy of Invisalign treatment has to be its easy cleaning compared to the cleaning of metal braces.

In your everyday dental hygiene, please remove the aligners, brush them gently with toothpaste, and then rinse.

Fewer Extra Care Visits

Accidents can happen no matter how strictly you heed caution after orthodontic treatment. So while wires and brackets are prone to breakage, extra visits to your orthodontist can be expected.

Thankfully Invisalign doesn’t come with that hassle. The clear aligners come improved and highly durable (Invisalign aligners previously were created a little flimsy), so there are no more breaking risks that could send you into a panic.

How Long Can Invisalign Treatment Take to Straighten Teeth?

There is no short answer to this since treatment times vary depending on the individual’s needs. For instance, someone can get straight teeth after only three months of wear time, or another could see the results in nine months.

Nonetheless, the average treatment time can range from 6-18 months.

Faster Than Braces?

Sure, Invisalign can give the notion of straightening your smile faster than conventional edgewise braces; however, it will all depend on the severity of a person’s misalignment.

If someone has a massive overbite, they would need to wear Invisalign braces for much longer.

Invisalign Clear Aligners and Wisdom Teeth

A common question among those curious is whether Invisalign straightens wisdom teeth too. The truth is, Invisalign does not impact your wisdom teeth, for they are in the very back and come late.

Usually, they are extracted by the oral surgeon instead of treated with orthodontic accessories.

However, wisdom teeth may get straightened with the help of Invisalign braces, depending on their positioning and growth.

Your orthodontist can help elaborate better for every case is unique.

How Much Can Invisalign Aligners Cost?

As mentioned before, Invisalign clear aligners treatment times vary depending on an individual’s unique situation; hence same applies to the cost aspect.

For the treatable cases, Invisalign cost depends on factors like your case’s severity and the duration you may need to wear your aligners. The most suitable way to get an accurate estimate is to consult a trained doctor nearby.

You can reach out to Glow Orthodontic to get a quote on your custom treatment plan. Their top-notch professionals can give you a specific number based on your needs.

Can Teeth Remain Straight After Invisalign?

This is the beauty of Invisalign treatment effectiveness; your teeth will remain straight once the treatment is done so long as you wear the retainer responsibly.

Once the treatment is complete, following the align technology, a retainer is provided to be worn at night; wearing it keeps the teeth straight.

Make sure you follow the dentist Invisalign guide and instructions fully so you’ll be set for life.

What Happens If You Don’t Wear Retainer

Well, no retainer will imply a possibility of your teeth shifting back, and that is something you do not want after all the hard work and dedication.

Therefore, religiously following the Invisalign care and maintenance instructions given by the dentist will not work otherwise.


Invisalign has become a highly sought-after way of straightening teeth to achieve that smile you have always longed for without fixed wires.

If you are considering Invisalign, consult reputable and well-established dentists only, for they will ensure the best treatment and the utmost care.

For your oral health, look no further than Glow Orthodontics in Richmond & Langley, BC. We are dedicated to bringing brand new smiles one treatment option at a time and will always put your comfort and needs first.

Consult with us today to experience the wonders of Invisalign’s align technology. Your confident smile starts at Glow Orthodontics.